Live @ Music Heals 2010

by Zia Hassan


Zia Hassan & Andrew Kurland Washington, D.C.

We're from Washington, DC. We write songs and try not to upset our parents by killing each other.

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Track Name: I am From the Future
It's lonely in this place
bending time and space
trying to erase.

I found this wormhole
in the back of the lab
it was open
so I climbed in and took it
to 1998
when letting go was so easy
or easier

and I know it's hard for you to understand
I squeeze all these moments in the palm of my hand
I am from the future and I'm here to figure out
where I came from
where I'm going
where the pain comes from

It's hard to put away the guilt
remembering what we've built
and how a thirty minute drive
becomes an ocean

I found this hotel
in the back of the town with a built-in telescope
and I knew that I could stay
if letting go was so easy
it's not easier

I'll meet you there
in the place we met
a thousand times before.